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Maintain Control of Your Money

Income for Life teaches us to keep control of our own dollars and build sustainable wealth that expands our choices and cannot vanish in a stock market crash.

Money is Good

Money is good! The LOVE of money is the root of evil. Love people. Use money.

Typical advice brings typical results and typical challenges…

  • Typical financial advice tells us to load up our portfolios with mutual funds and stocks subject to systemic risk.
  • Typical financial advice instructs us to max out our qualified accounts, putting dollars out of reach and out of our control—under the government’s (and our employer’s) rules.
  • Typical financial advice tells us when and how much of our own money we can have back (and the government tells us what their cut will be.)
  • Typical financial advice tells us to pay off our mortgage as quickly as possible—even though it is efficient debt – and even though it’s usually smarter to put additional dollars into investments rather than into lazy home equity; therefore maintaining liquidity, use and control of our money.
  • Typical financial planning teaches us to accumulate, but not how to USE our money to make it work for US!


  • Measure Opportunity Cost: We will either pay interest or pass up interest. Often, we can build wealth faster through strategic borrowing and leveraging. Understand the difference between a liability and a debt.
  • We believe we make our own LUC: Liquidity, Use, and Control of OUR money. Don’t let the government, the Department of Labor, or your company’s HR department dictate your investment decisions.
  • Flow: Think of money moving THROUGH your assets, not TO your assets…this is the velocity of money. Wealth is not created when money sits stagnant and still under lock and key, but when it circulates to us, through us, to our communities, and back to us

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